Sunday, 30 August 2009

Unicycle comments of the day

By the Overseas Passenger Terminal, which we rode around despite the wind:
Small child: Bikes!
Dad: Yes, bikes. Look, a single bike!
What the hell is a 'single bike'?

On the waterfront near Odlins Plaza:
Girl: Oh look, a tricycle!
Guy: It's a unicycle.
Girl: Could you fall off, so I can laugh at you?
Yes I could, since it was remarkably windy. But I managed not to, at least until we were out of sight - anyway I was too busy laughing myself at the 'tricycle' thing. We speculated that maybe she was counting both of us (Sally was with me on her 'double bike').

Kid near Queen's Wharf:
How do you know all that stuff?

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